Commercial Wood Floor Sanding

Commercial Wood Floor Refinishing Services

Whatever your commercial building – a school, gym, office, café, museum or gallery – a newly restored wooden floor is appreciated by both visitors and staff.

We work flexible hours – evenings and weekends – and will minimise the time you will be closed. Discuss with us how we can avoid disruption to your working day. When necessary, we can call out the troops. We sent in five teams to work overnight in a beauty salon. After moving of heavy chairs and massage tables, we completed the job in twelve hours. The lacquer did require some artificial heat to dry!

We have restored wooden floors in many commercial and non-domestic premises:

Single-unit retail outlets

Multi-floor department stores

Shopping malls

Community centres

Village halls

School classrooms and school halls

Suspended floors in sports centres and gyms

Sprung aerobics & dance studio flooring

Leisure centres

Indoor racquet-sport courts


Museums and art galleries

Restaurants, cafes and snack shops

Nightclubs, pubs and bars

In today’s commercial environments, make those first impressions count.

Call us today for the wooden floor worthy of your business