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An old wooden floor? You’d like to give it a new look? One to last?

Whatever your floor – wooden boards, herringbone, parquet blocks…
And wherever… in the home, kitchen, lounge…
Or office, shop, museum, school, restaurant, pub…
Wood Floor Sanding will bring it back to life!

Modern wood floor sanding is efficient, speedy and gives outstanding results. As wood floor restoration specialists, we have transformed hundreds of floors in different kinds of properties.

Floors can now be restored to a better state than the original. Construction materials, tools and finishing products have greatly improved since the floors were first installed.

Having worked on floors for twenty years, we can give you the best advice on all aspects of floor restoration – from repairs, through to staining and sealing.

We Offer You

a free assessment

a fixed price to meet your budget

minimal dust, fuss and disruption

unrivalled aftercare service and advice

Wood Floor Sanding Team work throughout London and the Home Counties. Let us help you create a floor worthy of your home or business.

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Floor Sanding – simple yet skilled

Renovating a floor begins with removing the old layers of sealant – oil, wax, lacquer or varnish – back to smooth bare wood. Sanding machines use paper of various grades to strip, level and smooth the surface of the wooden floor.

A level finish is essential for the adherence of stains and varnishes. So we also use edging sanders and fine handtools for a smooth surface over the entire floor. Uneven areas are prone to wear, hold dirt and are difficult to clean.

This technique works on all kinds of solid wood floors: hardwood (oak, beech or walnut) or softwood (pine, yew or Douglas fir). It also applies to engineered floors (those with a layer of hardwood over ply); strip floors; herringbone; parquet blocks; mosaic and even cork.

As for those nasty traces of old Victorian lacquer on the floor – such as black bitumen – their days are numbered. With the latest floor sanding technology, we remove every trace.

Work may also include repairing – or replacing – any damaged boards. Gaps in the floor may also be filled.
Once sanded, a floor is ready for staining, if desired – and then the final essential stage: applying a sealant to protect the floor surface and give a hard wearing finish.

Sounds simple? Essentially yes, but floors vary so much: in their wood, their condition and their previous treatment. So you need the allround services of a specialist company to assess the floor, give you the best advice – and do the perfect job.

What Our Lovely Clients Say!

Sithari Pfunzo
Jimmy and his team did a great job refinishing and repairing the hardwood floors in my apartment. The repairs were flawless and I was impressed how they got ...
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Sithari Pfunzo
Jimmy and his team did a great job refinishing and repairing the hardwood floors in my apartment. The repairs were flawless and I was impressed how they got into all the nooks and crannies.
Sithari Pfunzo
Sithari Pfunzo
Juan Gonzalez
Amir and Chris restored our brick floors in our 1970 home that we are remodeling. They look fantastic! We could not be more pleased with the final product. Fantastic ...
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Juan Gonzalez
Amir and Chris restored our brick floors in our 1970 home that we are remodeling. They look fantastic! We could not be more pleased with the final product. Fantastic work and great people.
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez
Corey Matthews
I am a big fan of this company. They are very nice and they offer great customer service. I love the fact that they always respond to my ...
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Corey Matthews
I am a big fan of this company. They are very nice and they offer great customer service. I love the fact that they always respond to my emails promptly and their staff is very helpful when it comes to providing me with solutions to any problems or concerns that I have regarding my floor sanding project.
Corey Matthews
Corey Matthews
Yordani Candelario
Jimmy and his crew did an awesome job on my floors!! I feel like I have a whole new home! They took extra care to cover everything in ...
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Yordani Candelario
Jimmy and his crew did an awesome job on my floors!! I feel like I have a whole new home! They took extra care to cover everything in plastic so not much dust either! I only wish I would have done this sooner!
Yordani Candelario
Yordani Candelario

Reasons That Set Us Apart!

Our ethos

We love wooden floors and believe that they are worth all the investment in money and aftercare you put into them.
So, when we work together, we ask of you:


…. to consider your household or commercial needs – and the kind of floor you want.
… modern floor sanding is very efficient, but some jobs cannot be rushed without cutting corners.
You will experience a degree of disruption from your usual routine, with rooms possibly out of use for several days.


… as in any building/construction job, the more thorough the preparation, the better the surface – and the better the end result.
Once the floor is in the right condition for staining and sealing, we apply the requisite number of coats – and allow adequate time for the finish to dry and create a seal for maximum protection.

A long term view

.. a restored floor is a major project. How long do you want it to last? And how much is it worth to you?
Investing in a restored floor gives great returns in terms both of adding value – and years of pleasure and satisfaction.

Things you need to consider

You want a new floor? Great! But do take a little time to think carefully about what you want:

The use of your floor
Where is it situated and what kind of use will it be getting? Will it be a showpiece? Or subject to normal family wear? Do you have enthusiastic children? Any pets who may discharge their furry and sloppy selves? Or even bring in little gifts from the garden?
How houseproud are you?
Do you want the floor to stay pristine and beautiful (will you ask guests to remove their shoes..?) or are you flexible?
How much will you care to spend?
It’s possible to restore a wooden floor on the cheap – if you’re not bothered about the end result. You get what you pay for. Spend more and you’ll get a better job: right first time – with the peace of mind from knowing that it will last for many years.

So much depends on the current state of the floor, the degree of repair necessary – and whether you want it stained or left as it is.

We can help you budget by a personal visit and free assessment.
We have to see your floor in person. We have guideline prices depending on the size of rooms but floors vary so much in age, condition and their eventual use.

We can answer all your questions and give you the restoration package you need.

How much aftercare?

Do you want an easy life? A hard-wearing floor that requires little maintenance? Or one on which you can lavish a little TLC?

A lacquered floor can withstand harsh treatment and look good for years. Floors treated with wax or oils have a beautiful and natural look – but will need a refresher coat once or twice a year.

Efficient and no fuss working

A job will need at least a full day, with multiple rooms or larger areas taking several days. The areas to be sanded must be kept free from heavy traffic. We’ll give you an estimate of timings for all aspects of the job during your free assessment.

Work within your budget

We have set prices for every job in the floor restoration process. Whatever your budget, we can meet it with a tailor-made program.
You’ll have no nasty extra costs – you’ll know exactly what you will be paying.

The extra mile

Boards vary a lot: in their age, the type of wood – and the age of the tree when felled.
Some jobs are straightforward but when they aren’t, we’re up for any challenge. A 1930s parquet floor in a London office building had an area of blocks missing. We were unable to find the right replacement blocks in the capital, so put out a search among our extensive network of reclaimed wood suppliers.

We eventually tracked down suitable blocks from a demolished mews in Nottingham. Unfortunately, they were twice the required size, so we had to cut each one in half by hand. But all the effort was worth the end result. The company now has a beautiful period floor to complement its 21st century glass partitioned offices. A great place to work.

A complete aftercare service

And when we’ve cleared up, given a final vacuum and bade you farewell? Your beautiful new floor will not have to fend for itself. Just call us for advice on the right aftercare to maintain its looks for years to come.

Choosing a company
What do you expect from your floor polishing company?

A professional firm who know their job

Wood Floor Refreshing Co. have been in the business for 20 years and have restore hundreds of floors in domestic and commercial settings. We are friendly and reliable with numerous satisfied customers.

Qualified and experienced workers:
Our floor restoration staff are qualified in sanding techniques and use of machinery. They are full members of the National Wood Floor Association – NWFA.

Many of the best sealants are only available to members of the trade – and our staff are fully trained in their application.

Minimal disruption and mess
Sanding is a dusty and noisy process. The older-style drum sanders can spread dust that lingers for days. Not a welcoming atmosphere for returning members of your family, your staff or your customers.

We use modern cylinder machines with a unique dust collection system. The collection bags are kept outside the rooms and take 98% of all dust.

We also use dust covers and mask off doors and windows.

A free assessment

We examine your floors and assess the wood and its previous treatment.

We’ll cover all the vital points: the feel of the room; the overall look you wish to create; the amount of potential traffic; the degree of aftercare you are prepared to devote to your floor…

Then we’ll recommend the best treatment for restoration – and the most suitable materials for your particular needs. Today’s market has a bewildering variety of traditional and modern stains and sealers. Whether natural or artificial, wax or lacquer, we’ll demonstrate their qualities – to help you make your choice for the floor you want.

Sounds easy - I’ll hire a machine!

Believe us, it isn’t. Sanding is a job for trained professionals.

Yes, you can go to a hire shop and bring home a drum sanding machine. If you can manage to carry it into the house. Have a strong friend in reserve -they’re heavy beasts.

Then, if your back is up to it, you can start sanding… Floors are rarely even and you may find that those bumps won’t come out. And what about the edges and those awkward corners? Time for a hands and knees job..

How will you judge the amount of previous sanding the floor has had? Your inexperience may lead you to remove not only the layer of sealant – but too much of the wood. Once it’s gone, even we can’t put it back for you.

So please spare us another of these distressing remedial jobs. You end up with a damaged floor, a wasted weekend, aching muscles – and extra expense. Your partner may not be amused, either.
Wooden floors vary immensely – in the timber and the treatment they’ve been subjected to over decades and centuries. So get a free assessment from us. We’ve worked on the lot – so know how to deal with them.


How to choose the best flooring for your kitchen?

The kitchen is the area of the home which probably has the highest foot traffic and therefore requires fairly durable and hard-wearing flooring. Finding the right type of flooring to begin with offers you a much easier ride when it comes to maintaining the look of the kitchen over time, whilst still giving a comfortable ambience.
Wooden floors

Wooden flooring is a timeless option which has remained popular for hundreds of years. Not only can it withstand years of heavy use, spills and stains, it also creates a warm look in the room which makes it easy to decorate around. Without having to tear up the original, wooden floor sanding and polishing is a great way to update your kitchen’s decor, whilst adding a dark stain makes for boldness and intensity.

Stone floors

There are lots of different types of stone which can be used in kitchens and this offers a great range of options to suit all tastes. Stone is classic and always stylish, and is cool and smooth which can feel lovely underfoot. Bear in mind that harder, denser stone is better for kitchens and bathrooms as it requires less cleaning and maintenance to stay looking great. However, stone can be very expensive, so is often better kept for smaller rooms or for statement areas.

Vinyl flooring
For those who are trying to avoid breaking the bank, vinyl is a good option. It offers smooth and strong flooring which comes in various colours, designs and styles. It can be made to look like stone, marble and wood flooring, although it is considered a little out of date.
There are a few aspects to consider when looking at choosing a new kitchen floor, including:
  • Your budget (wooden flooring is a gorgeous affordable option for almost any budget)
  • The size of the kitchen
  • The decor in the kitchen and surrounding rooms
  • How willing you are to maintain it.

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